As an Internet Solutions Value Channel Partner, we meet the needs of all of your internet driven business requirements. By utilising our experience and skill, we have developed a niche company, specialising in business related networks and internet services. Our goal is to provide you with tailor-made solutions, using services and products that we have personally developed. We use products and services that are licensed to resell from third party vendors. We have developed long-lasting and trusted relationships with all these vendors. The specialised products that we offer include prominent operating systems, email and anti-virus services (such as Attix5) and computer hardware from only leading international brands.

A brief summary of our services

Networking and Desktop Services

We can configure your servers, workstations and peripherals into domains or workgroups (such as “Accounts”, “Sales” etc.) which can share data and resources such as printers.

Support and Maintenance Services

Maintenance contracts are flexible in the type of service we provide and a check list of the basic items that are covered is included as part of a service-level agreement.

Internet and Email Services

Quest supplies and supports a variety of different internet connections,ranging from uncapped consumer ADSL to Business DSL to Fibre. Our email are very scalable and include stand-alone mailboxes, Hosted Exchange and dedicated mail servers.

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